I’m up for an email design award!

I’m up for an email design award!


The good news: I’ve been shortlisted for the Pure360 email design awards, for this Solar Schools design!

The bad news: I’m up against Innocent Drinks and Harper’s Bazaar in a public vote.

But on the off chance I don’t prevail over designer sofas, delicious smoothies and Carey Mulligan’s face, it’s still nice to be mentioned in the same digital breath.

You can see the whole shortlist and vote for your favourite here.

And while you’re at it, have a browse around the rest of the Pure360 site. I do all the 10:10 newsletters and campaign emails using their tools, and they’re never less than delightful.

P.S. For the record, the design builds on lots of other people’s work: the basic template (header, footer, boxes and some of the typography) is a modified CampaignMonitor design, and the calls-to-action are ┬ábased on @stigm‘s Bulletproof Email Buttons. There’s a bit of Genis Carreras and Tom Flannery magic mixed in there too. Shoulders of giants indeed.